Soak up the sights and sounds of nature and enjoy the local wildlife up close canoeing through the very heart of it.

The sounds of nature and its picture postcard scenery will fill your soul with a deep respect for life where there is no place for man other than to play the role of a silent observer. Taking a canoe through the swamplands of Kopacki rit will give you the opportunity to learn more about one of the most preserved fluvial and wetland plains in Europe. Nature here, in its magnificent power, plays and changes and reshapes the appearance of Kopacki rit so that it is never really the same. Its waters are the largest freshwater aquatic habitat in the whole Danube region. The beauty of the many white lilies floating on top of the water will surely leave you breathless.

There are two larger lakes in the park – Kopačko jezero (lake) and Sakadaš, which with its seven meters, is the deepest there. Take a canoe adventure on a 12km long road from Lake Sakadaš to Kopacko jezero.

Boho Travel Art pri ovom izletu djeluje samo kao posrednik te molim da za detalje i cijenu pošaljete upit. 


  • The program is intended for physically able people.
  • Please bring comfortable clothing and footwear suitable for contact with water, as well as adequate mosquito protection, cap etc.

What’s included?
Tour guide, all necessary equipment, snack, entry ticket