Cetina river

Cetina river

Cetina River Boat Tour

To visit the city of Omiš, and not to see the canyon is like coming to Dalmatia, and not seeing the sea.
Boat trip starts in Omiš, next to the bridge. It ends after a forty minute drive, on the 6 km part of the river through the canyon at the excursion site Radmanove mlinice.

Boho travel art, Central DalmatiaWhere: the canyon of the Cetina river, Omiš, Dalmatia

When: depending on the weather, all year round, from 9 am till 5 pm

Price per person:

25 EUR/min2 adults

20 EUR/ min 4 people, 10 EUR/ per child (5 – 14 yrs)

10 EUR/ 6 + people, 5 EUR per child (5 – 14 yrs)

Children under 5 travel free

Duration: 40 min one way, a 30 min break (or longer) at the excursion site Radmanove mlinice, altogether about 2 hours

Minimum: 4 adults

Maximum: suitable for groups, please send a request for a group price

Optionally: Making a lunch reservation at the one of the two restaurants placed by the river

A long time ago, in the middle ages, the people of Omiš controlled this part of the Adriatic Sea. A hundred years of their dominance was based on the fearless fleet of oar-powered ships. The shallow draft enabled those ships quick maneuvering and also, in case of danger, an efficient retreat into the shallower river bed of the Cetina River. Overpowered, the merchants and military powers of that age proclaimed the Omiš people pirates.
As Omiš pirates once did, today you may take a boat tour and learn about the centuries of beauty in this area.