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Who but the locals would know better where to eat the best food? These are their top 5 choices:

Boho travel art info 4 visitors kod Joskana

Konoba kod Joskana – Omiš

Konoba is a type of tavern that offers local Dalmatian delicacies and an assortment of fresh fish and meat. The owner of this konoba is especially proud of the fact he has never used any frozen food. So, no wonder that Konoba kod Joskana is loved and frequented by the locals as it offers good quality home-style cooking. It is located in the old part of Omiš.


Boho travel art info 4 visitors pod Odrnom

Restaurant pod Odrnom – Omiš

Restaurant pod Odrnom is also located in the historic heart of Omiš and has been open for more than forty years.
Even though Pod Odrnom is primarily known for its rich à la carte selection of fish and meat dishes, their extensive menu includes traditional healthy and light meals of the Dalmatian cuisine, pizzas and international delicacies, too. Fresh fish, meat and vegetables are prepared on the wood grill in front of the guests.
A large selection of Croatian and international wines may be ordered by a glass.


Boho travel art info 4 visitors Kastel Slanica

Restaurant Kaštil Slanica- Canyon of the river Cetina

Restaurant Kaštil Slanica is located by the Cetina river, only 4 km away from  Omiš and the sea.
Built on the old walls from the Middle-Ages the tower Slanica is the monument of the 16th century today. As a part of centuries-old history of the canyon, today the restaurant Kaštil Slanica stands out with unique ambiance and its gastronomy associated with its past and environment.You can enjoy dishes from the Cetina River (frogs, eels and trout), the sea (seafood) and the hinterland such as bread and meat baked under the peka, snails and Dalmatian fritule – mini doughnuts.

Boho travel art info 4 visitors kod Mije

Restaurant kod Mije – Lokva Rogoznica

Restaurant kod Mije is located in Lokva Rogoznica, some 7 km away from Omiš towards Makarska. It is the most known for its local Dalmatian cuisine.
The restaurant specialties are fresh fish, shellfish and other seafood dishes. There is also a wide selection of meat dishes. The restaurant is some forty meters from the sea and is connected with the beach by a passageway underneath the highway.
Boho travel art info 4 visitors Kremenko

Konoba restoran Kremenko – Svinišće

Kremenko is a restaurant with an interesting and unusual interior decorated just like in the Prehistoric Age – at the time of the Flintstones. It is also known for its really good cuisine.
The way to Kremenko leads through the beautiful canyon of the Cetina river and ends 11 km from Omiš, in a rocky environment of the old Dalmatian village Svinišće.

So these were the top 5, but Omiš has more aces up its sleeve: the restaurant Bastion, konoba kod Marina, Babilo, Gusarska konoba etc.

FOR VEGETARIANS The fast food Brzo griz has the most interesting selection of vegetarian meals in the town.



The Croatians love to drink coffee. Omiš is not an exception and it has countless cafes in the town’s buildings, squares, beaches. Let us mention just a few of them: In Café next to the Cetina river, Turjun on the main street, Cesarica in the heart of the old city, 3M on the city beach, Big Blue near the gas station…
In case you crave for something sweet, Lanterna is the place to go for a good cake. It is located at a romantic spot next to the Cetina river.
Pastry and sweets may be also found in most of the town’s bakeries.



Omiš is a small town, so there are no shopping centers, the locals go to Split. But this little urban jewel has lots of little shops, unfortunately opened only during the summer season.




Croatia has implemented the Europe’s Emergency Number 112 that transfers you to emergency services, police or the fire department.
ER is located in the building of the health centre in Omiš Put Mlije 2.

Some other important contact numbers:

  • ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE by HAK     +385 1987
  • OMIŠ PORT AUTHORITY        +385 21 861 025
  • VETERINARY STATION           +385 21 861 129
  • HEALTH CENTRE OMIŠ          +385 21 862 035
  • POLICE STATION OMIŠ          +385 21 862 322
  • FIRE DEPARTMENT OMIŠ      +385 21 862 050
  • OMIŠ TOURIST BOARD          +385 21 861 350

PUBLIC TOILET in Omiš is next to the fish market.



From Budapest

If you are traveling by car from Budapest, drive straight to Pecs, then head out for Beli Manastir and Osijek.

From Osijek (Slavonia &Baranja)

The car journey from Osijek starts on the Osijek-Lipovac-Zagreb highway, a 300 km stretch of easy traveling. The trip takes some 3 hours. Another option to get to Zagreb is using the Podravska Magistrala state road that connects Osijek-Bjelovar-Virovitica-Zagreb.

From Zagreb

The fastest and easiest way to get from Zagreb to Split is to use the Zagreb – Split highway, known as the E-65 on international road maps and as A-1 in Croatia. The route on the A-1 from Zagreb to Split is about 380 km long and will take 3.5 to 4 hours. When the signs let you know you are getting close to Split, look for the Dugopolje exit and that is the access road towards Split and Omiš.

From Slovenia

To travel from Ljubljana to Split follow the E-70 highway to Zagreb, then hit the A-1 and keep an eye out for the Dugopolje exit to Split. And that’s it, piece of cake.

From Italy

Take the E-70 motorway to Trieste and look for the signs that point to Rijeka and the route number E-61 (local route 7), which crosses Slovenia and enters Croatia at Pasjak. Then, take the route E-61, which will take you to Rijeka. If possible, get on the E-65 (local route 6) to Bosiljevo, where you will see the signs for the A-1 to Split. Just look for the Dugopolje exit.


Split’s airport (Zračna luka) is 30 km away from Split, placed close to the sea. It is possible to arrange transfer from the airport also by boat. Information desk is open from 5.15 am till 11 pm Splitska banka has an exchange office, working time is from 7.30 am till 7.30 pm The newsstand is open according to flight times and public phones may be found at two locations. There are a restaurant and an Internet point as well.


The Split’s main bus station (Autobusni kolodvor) is small but has everything you need for your arrival or departure. A toilet (open 24/7) may be found in the station, as well as domestic and international ticket windows and information desk. The domestic ticket window offers a twenty-four-hour service and the Information Desk also operates 24/7. The international ticket office is open from 6 am to 10 pm On the left side of the station there is the Left Luggage Point that opens at 6 am and closes at 10 pm. On the right side of the station there is the way towards the old town. ATMs, public phones, the Internet and taxi cabs may be found along the way.


Split’s ferry port (Trajektna luka) is located near the bus and train station. There are several ATMs, two public phones inside the building, newsstands that line the street directly outside the station. Directly across the street  there is the ferry port bus stop.


The main train station (Željeznički kolodvor) in Split is located next to the main bus station. It has storage lockers that may be accessed during the station’s working hours daily between 6 am and 10 pm.


WATER Tap water is absolutely safe for consumption.

ELECTRICITY supply is 220W, 50 Hz. Visitors from the USA will need a power supply adapter.

CLIMATE is Mediterranean.