Uncover the secrets of Omis and its past on the boat ride through the canyon of the Cetina river and gorgeous Mediterranean streets in the company of a local tourist guide 

The town of Omis is not a typical Dalmatian town thanks to its geographical position and spirited past. It is placed under the mighty Dalmatian hills, with the canyon in its heart where the beautiful river flows into the Adriatic sea.


Sightseeing Omis and a boat ride through the canyon is a great combination to discover interesting facts from the truly exciting history of the town as well as the beautiful natural surroundings. The Cetina river has had the status of a protected landscape since 1963. The past of the town and the canyon hides many stories, certainly, the most interesting ones are about the Omis pirates. Would you like to know why they ruled from Omis and where they kept Omis Arrows, their widely known vessels? You can see a lot on this tour too. For example, the largest hydropower plant in Croatia, Radman’s mills from the 19th century, fortresses on the Omis Dinara, hidden corners and streets of Omis, the House of the Happy Man and much more.


The boat ride starts from the Omis bridge and ends in Radman’s mills after about 40 minutes of driving. The colour of the river Cetina is often compared to the beauty of emeralds. It is so clear that while driving you can observe the life that lies beneath the surface. Upon arrival at Radman’s mills, in a light walk around you will learn more about its history and have enough time to enjoy the wonderful sound of birds singing and the soothing environment of green trees.


After the riverboat ride, we shall go back to Omis and take a walking tour to uncover some more secrets of more than 2,000 years long past. The Omis rich history and cultural heritage, Dalmatian architecture and local lifestyle will be the final touch to win your heart for sure.


Where: Omiš
Tourist attractions: Omiš sightseeing, a boat ride on the Cetina River through the canyon, excursion site Radmanove Mlinice
When: 10.00 a.m.
Duration: Approximately 4 hours
The price of the tour for private groups is:

  • From 10 to 15 people 100 HRK/ 13 EUR per person,
  • From 5 to 9 people 200 HRK/27 EUR per person.
  • For a group of 4 and fewer people 1.000 HRK/ 130 EUR in total.
  • For groups of more than 15 people, please send the request.


What’s included?

Knowledgeable local guide, panoramic riverboat tour, visit of Radman Mills and sightseeing


OPTIONAL OFFER: Lunch in one of Omis restaurants

PLEASE NOTE: All tours are in the English language. The departure time can be adjusted to your needs.


Photo: Samir Kurtagic