Step into centuries-old legends about the brave heroines on a one day tour around Omiš inland. Discover inspirational stories on a picture-perfect panoramic ride through centuries-old villages of Poljica and learn how to make centuries old dish soparnik.

The villages of Poljica (meaning, little fields) were a place of many battles throughout history. Today’s territory of Omis inland once known as the Principality of Poljica was seriously threatened by a large Ottoman army heading from the East in 16 C. Being far stronger in number, upcoming Ottoman army was near to the victory over the people of Poljica. Local legend says, young girl Mila has saved Poljica from Ottoman army but sacrificed her own life also. Discover the whole story about Mila, retrace her steps to see locations from her life.

Learn more about other courageous women from Omis inland and get lost in the world of imagination and gorgeous surroundings. To fulfil experience of the local women life you can learn how to make soparnik on a culinary workshop: Soparnik cooking class in Gata

Where: as agreed
When: as agreed, preferably 9 a.m.
Price: this is tailor-made tour and price depends on duration and additional services. Please send a price inquiry.
Duration: about 8 hours

The list of optional services:

The local tour guide, panoramic ride through villages of Poljica and the canyon of the Cetina river, sampling traditional dish soparnik, soparnik workshop, Museum of Poljica, lunch

Locations: Omiš Inland and villages of Poljica: Gata, Ostrvica, Kostanje, Srijane, Gornji Dolac


All tours are in the English language. The departure time can be adjusted to your needs.

The type of vehicle transport depends on the number of passengers and can be a passenger van, a minibus or a bus.