Be fearless and dare to go on a true adrenaline adventure and “fly” over the Cetina canyon. The breathtaking view is guaranteed if you dare to open at least one eye when crossing the canyon.

The zip line is the ultimate adrenaline experience during which you slide down a steel wire through a canyon up to 150 m above the ground. Aside from the adrenaline, this excursion is unique as you will have a chance to see and experience gorgeous natural scenes as a bird or a drone.

Zipline starts in Omis, from where transport is organized to a starting position which is a distance of two and a half kilometres. From the road leading to the village of Podašpilje, or the bend with the mark of the medieval fort Visećgrad, follows 2 min. a short walk along the mountain path to the starting point, or a training polygon. The training polygon consists of two 25 m short cords where you will be familiar with the zip line and where the guides demonstrate the belt management in which you will descend down the ropes later.

The Zipline consists of a total of 8 cables of the total length of 2100 m. At 150 m height lies the longest cable length of 700 m.

The end of the zip is 50 meters from the road where a vehicle is waiting for you to return to Omiš.

One group consists of a maximum of 12 participants and is accompanied by 2 expert guides. One guide goes before all the participants, then the participants descend one by one and end up with another guide.


The minimum age is 7 and a guide decides whether a child can go alone or with a guide in tandem.


Sportswear and footwear suitable for walking through nature. If you like to wear shorts in the summer months, it is recommended to wear those with longer trouser leg for your comfort.

Take the backpack for personal belongings and a litre of water.

When: several times during the day. Send inquiry at least one day before.
Duration: 2.5 to 3 hours (depending on the group)
Max. Weight: 140 kg
Minimum: 2 persons

For price please send inquiry. Thank you!

What’s included?

Transportation from Omiš to the start of zip line and back to Omis, equipment (helmet, belt, gloves) and two expert guides assistance


It is necessary to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the agreed term in order to sign the terms of use, please bring a personal document. For minors, parents sign a declaration of consent.

The type of vehicle transport depends on the number of passengers and can be a passenger van, a mini bus or a bus.

Boho Travel Art acts only as the intermediary in this tour.

Be fearless and fly over the River Cetina Canyon in Dalmatia on total adrenaline adventure. Enjoy fantastic view as you glide through the air.