ZIP LINE IN OMIŠ! Zip Line Total Adrenaline Adventure

ZIP LINE IN OMIŠ! Zip Line Total Adrenaline Adventure

Be fearless and fly over the River Cetina Canyon in Dalmatia. Enjoy fantastic view as you glide through the air

The zip line is the adrenaline entertainment when guests descend through the canyon down a steel cable rope, secured with a belt. The adventure also includes training and a short walk in the nature.
The zip line start is located 3 km from Omiš, in the canyon of the Cetina river and consists of eight cables in the total length of 2,100 m.

Boho travel art, Central DalmatiaWhere: the canyon of the Cetina river, Omiš, Dalmatia

When: twice a day, morning and afternoon

Price: 400 kn /cca 54 EUR per person (children older than 9)

Duration: three hours (depending on group)

Min. Weight: 40 kg

Max. Weight: 130 kg

Minimum: 2 people


Before the start of the trip, the group gathers in Omiš, where they meet with the guides and sign release forms.
The transfer is organized to the starting point (3 km from Omiš) and back. Before the beginning, the group goes to the training ground and everybody gets their equipment.
The next thing is a short walk to the first cable. During the walk, you may enjoy the beautiful, almost untouched nature and the stunning views of the Cetina river canyon. Before each cable, one of the guides demonstrates the descend, while the second guide attaches you to the equipment and gives you instructions. The first guide welcomes you at the beginning of the second cable. The ride includes all eight cables.