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follow site enter Boho Travel Art is a tourist agency based in Croatia, specializing in two regions, Central Dalmatia in the south and Slavonia in northeastern Croatia. Behind Boho stands a long-time entrepreneur in tourism and interpretive storyteller – follow Senka Vlahović.

Buy Alprazolam 2Mg Uk Through Senka’s work, her passion for stories has always shone through. Over the past decade, in her small tourism workshop, she has created experiences based on local culture and heritage, all rooted in stories. She then joyfully brings them to life in her roles as a tourist guide and heritage interpreter.

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Photo: Jelena Jela Kasabašić
HOW IT ALL BEGAN I started to work in tourism some 15 years ago, just a few years after I have moved from north-east Croatia to the south. To be precise, from the beautiful continental city of Osijek placed in Slavonia to the gorgeous Dalmatian town of Omiš. In 2014 I started my own business as travel artisan and creator following the idea of bringing those two totally different regions together by the work I really love to do. Truly passionate about Dalmatia and Slavonia I was focused on offering authentic experiences, things that are out of the ordinary, local attractions and culture.

  • Sustainable tourism and responsible travelling
  • Crafting of locally based experiences
  • Experiential tours
  • Exploring and understanding the local culture in detail
  • Local food and drink
  • Active sightseeing
  • Cultural curiosity
  • Reconnecting with nature and outdoor activities
  • Cooperation with reliable and responsible partners
  • Positive thinking and laughing 🙂 Remember the time when you were a child that was running fearlessly and free after new discoverings and experiences? Remember the thrill you felt after achieving something? Did you lose those positive excitements while growing up and becoming too serious? Hope not as the world didn’t really change that much since then. But if you have, maybe it is time to move in the new direction, one of new adventures and travels. I hope Boho Travel Art will inspire you to do so and visit Croatia.

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here Sincerely, Senka Vlahović

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