Canoeing on the Old Drava River

Entering the municipality of Bilje every visitor is caught by the beauty of the Big Lake surrounded by trees and an abundance of unspoilt nature. The total water area of the old Drava river is 56 hectares and is divided into two lakes with a bridge and a dam.
The lake is covered with reeds and other water plants, in it dominate Pike, Danube carp, bullhead dwarf, Prussian carp, bream, Rudd, roach, Ide (fish), grass carp and big catfish on the left side of the lake. Not far away is the Nature Park Kopački Rit, the unique preserved wetland area in this part of Europe.

Boho travel art, Slavonia and BaranjaWhere: Bilje, Baranja

When: As agreed upon the request, from April till October

Price: 25 EUR

Duration: 3 – 4 hours

Minimum: 8 people (for the group smaller than 8 people, please send request for price offer)


Some 3-4 hours of easy paddling will fly over, and you will be rewarded with rich refreshments on the banks of the Old Drava River.