follow url COSTUMED HERITAGE INTERPRETATION: Step back to medieval times and follow in the footsteps of Omis pirates in the company of the Duchess of Omiš and the mother of the famous pirate Duke Malduk Kacic

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see The town of Omis has a rather exciting and slightly different history from other towns on the Croatian coast. Thanks to its unique geographical position, the Croatian noble family Kačić chose it for their rule ten centuries ago. The exceptional geographical location combined with the defence fortification system enabled Omis to be impregnable
From the north, it was protected by the Omiška Dinara hill, and from the south, by the shallow coastal peninsula inaccessible for large ships. The town walls and defence canal were an additional obstacle, as well as the underwater wall in the river, which prevented uninvited guests from further passage and entry into the canyon where they kept their famous vessels. The medieval people of Omiš were exceptional sailors and shipbuilders, traders, and due to their infamous pirate reputation, they were also excellent warriors. While today it is almost unimaginable to sail without a motor, they sailed at a time when there was no compass yet all the way to the south of Italy with their boats on the oars and sails to trade their goods. Find out who led these skilled and fearless sailors on a costumed interpretive walk with the mother of the famous Duke of Omis and warrior Malduk Kačić. Let your imagination run and let the past times of the brave people of Omis come alive while visiting their fortress and walking the town streets. DID YOU KNOW? At the time of the reign of the dukes of Omis, more precisely the 12th and 13th centuries, the famous legend of Robin Hood is also placed.

source Where: Omiš
go site Number of people: maximum 15
go to link Tourist attractions: a costumed storytelling walk and an optional pirate fortress with a view of the town, the mouth of the river Cetina and the sea that leaves you breathless When: 9.00 a.m. during June, July and August or 10.00 a.m. other months
The departure time can also be adjusted to your needs too. Duration: Approximately 1,5 hours
Buy Cheap Xanax Pills The price of the interpretive costumed walk for private groups is: 134 € You can also include in the experience:

  • ticket for the fortress per person 5 €
  • ticket to the Omiš Town Museum per person 3 € What’s included? Costumed town tour with a certified tourist guide and heritage interpreter and an optional ticket for a visit to the pirate fortress Mirabela and the Omis Town Museum


source The tour is suitable for children. The interpretive walk is not suitable for visitors with walking difficulties because it includes a visit to a medieval fortress located on a cliff and has a rather steep staircase. “Stories and Legends of Omis Pirates” is part of the project “Dalmatia Storytelling Destination” of the Administrative Department for Tourism and Maritime Affairs of Split-Dalmatia County All tours are in the English and Croatian languages.

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