One Day a Local Way

A Local Life Experience, One-day Cooking Class, Dalmatia and Slavonia

Is there anything better than a good cup of coffee to wake you up fully in the morning?  Well, at least most of the Croatians think so. You see, Croatians made an art out of drinking coffee, to be precise the art of enjoying it. The whole point is not only about the coffee, it is more about being with friends and family and it may last for a couple of hours.

For starters, in this program, we shall have a good cup of coffee (or tea, if you prefer) as Croatians regularly do, and use this nice, easy going time for deciding what to cook and making a list of ingredients. Your menu will depend on the season and the fresh ingredients available.

The next step would be going to the market and doing  some shopping.  In Dalmatia you will pay a visit to pazar (the fresh food market) and peškarija (the fish market) with your Dalmatian host. In Slavonia it will be pijac, e.g. Osijek pija in a local slang. You will also meet local butchers, bakers and locals selling veggies and fruits from their gardens. After this experience you are about to have more fun preparing a typical Dalmatian lunch and have an authentic konoba experience or a typical meal prepared in Slavonia on one of the estates there. Depending on the time of the year you can participate in apple picking too.  Do not get too loose over orahovica, travarica  or šljivovica – the typical spirits from these parts,  ‘cause the lunch you will have will be the lunch you prepare 🙂


Boho travel art, Central DalmatiaBoho travel art, Slavonia and BaranjaWhere: Trogir, Central Dalmatia • Slavonski Brod, Slavonia • Karanac, Baranja

When: 8.30 or as agreed upon the request

Price per person: 60 EUR per person


The price includes: coffee (or tea), a central market tour, all ingredients for your lunch + lunch, local spirits, wine, water, a local host assistant, a certificate of participation and an apron.

Optionally: for the full Dalmatian experience klapa can join you after a good lunch and you can try to join their capella singing. For the full Slavonian experience tamburaši  (tamburitza players) will cheer you up with their tamburitza music.




Slavnonski Brod • Slavonian Cuisine•

Slavonski Brod is situated in Slavonia region. It is the center of Brodsko – Posavska County, one of the six Slavonian counties,  and a river port on the river Sava. It has a beautiful central town square, one of the two or three biggest in all of Croatia. It is named after Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić,  popular children’s writer, whose house is on the square. This square is also home to numerous cultural events and has a perfect view of the beautiful Sava river. There is also the Brod Fortress from the Baroque period, was constructed during the Austro-Hungarian Empire

Karanac • Baranja •

Karanac is the ethno village placed some 20 km from Osijek, at the very heart of Baranja region.  It has become a magnet for numerous foreign and domestic tourists who enjoy an authentic culinary experience and lifestyle. Here you can experience the feeling of  past times, far from stressful modern way of living.

Trogir • Dalmatian Cuisine •

Trogir is UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997. Trogir is the best-preserved Romanesque- Gothic complex not only in the Adriatic, but in all of Central Europe. Trogir’s medieval core, surrounded by walls, comprises a preserved castle and tower and a series of dwellings and palaces from the Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque periods.