follow site go to link Discover exciting Omis stories from the past on a boat ride on the Cetina River and a walk around the town following the past centuries of the stone streets and a magnificent canyon

source link Omiš is not a typical Dalmatian town thanks to its geographical location and lively past. It is located at the foot of the mighty Dalmatian hills and the magnificent canyon of the beautiful Cetina River, which flows into the Adriatic Sea in the very centre of the town.

Buying Zolpidem Tartrate A tour of Omiš and a boat ride through the canyon is a great combination for enjoying the natural beauty, Dalmatian architecture and interesting stories from the exciting history of Omiš. The past of the town and the canyon hide many stories, the most interesting ones are related to the Kačić dukes of Omis and piracy. The river canyon has been a protected landscape since 1963. The colour of the river Cetina is often compared to the colour of an emerald, and it is so clear that from the boat you can observe the life that hides beneath the surface. During the walk and peaceful sailing along the river, we will see the largest hydroelectric power plant in Croatia, Radman’s mills from the 19th century, centuries-old forts on the Omiška Dinara, townhouses and churches.

What is included?

follow link Tourist storyteller guide, boat ride, visit of Radman’s mills and town tour  

IS A GUIDED TOUR OF OMIS AND THE CETINA RIVER CANYON RIGHT FOR YOU? A leisurely walk through the city and sailing along the calm course of the Cetina River is an ideal activity for outdoor lovers without a lot of stress and sudden bursts of adrenaline. Where: Omiš Tourist attractions: cultural and historical sites, Cetina river canyon, Radman’s mills
click When: 10.00 a.m. Duration: 3 and a half to 4 hours, of which the boat ride takes 45 minutes in one direction, and a break in Radmanov Mlinice is 30 minutes
follow url Price for a private experience: €80 + an additional €20 per person for the boat ride
*price refers to a group of min. 4 people, for a smaller number of people, please send an inquiry Additional experiences you can include:
  • a visit to the Omis pirate fortress,
  • visit to the City Museum
  • lunch in one of the restaurants in Omis For additional offers, prices and reservations, please send an inquiry to or WhatsApp +38598881016. Thank you! PHOTO: Samir Kurtagić