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Tko pod drugim jamu kopa, sam u nju pada / Who digs a hole under someone else will fall into it himself

We live in a time when almost everything in the material sense is available. For someone more, for others less, but in the end we all have access to cell phones, computers, cars, clothes, shoes, fashion accessories, various household items; all kind of the products that sparkle and shine. But how long does a sense of satisfaction last once you get them? Not long, right? As far as we progress in material terms, we are still hungry for intangible values. What really makes you happy? What really fulfills your sense of satisfaction? Experiencing our environment and lifestyle, as well as sharing our cultural heritagewould certainly be a new experience for you. New experiences bring about new feelings, the values that might inspire you for new passions, ideas, hobbies, creativity… anything that you will continue developing after you return to your home. And that would be the greatest reward for this agency. With love,

Boho Travel Art

Boho travel art

Croatia Art of Travel

Would you like to know more about Central Dalmatia and Slavonia regions in Croatia, but feeling overwhelmed by information overload? Find all the information in one place! Travel agency Boho Travel Art offers an individual approach to advise and create an authentic travel experience as your tour guide in Croatia.