Cheap Valium Uk Enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the River Cetina Canyon and uncover the 600 years-old story on your way to Omis Inland. Make some great photos, learn the story of the old Principality of Poljica and treat yourself to the delicious local dish  –  soparnik

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get link Part of Inland Dalmatia, above Omis, called Poljica includes a group of villages, situated away from the seaside and hidden between mountains. Today’s territory of Poljica, once was known as the Principality of Poljica, existed for more than 600 years, from the 13th to early 19th century. This old principality had quite developed democracy and social structure. The great duke of Poljica has been elected by the people of Poljica each year on St. George’s Day in village Gata. The Poljica Statute is one of the earliest legal documents in Croatia, originally written in the 14th century and is proof of how much ahead of their time they were.

click A traditional dish from Poljica – soparnik, dating back to the 16th century, has been given EU protection status and is issued with an EU geographical origin label. You must not miss an opportunity to taste this yummy dish made of dough, Swiss chard, onion, olive oil and garlic, baked on traditional Dalmatian fireplace komin, under ember and hot ashes.

go to link You will discover the story of Poljica in the Museum of Poljica and St. Cyprian parish church in the village of Gata and have the opportunity to taste several hundred old dish soparnik. Photo lovers will be pleased to know that we shall also visit unforgettable viewpoints. The first one is placed at 353 m height right by the small church on Gradac hill. The second one is the statue of Mila Gojsalic. Both places offer majestic views of the canyon, river Cetina and the town of Omis. So, seize the opportunity to make some stunning photos.

go to link click here Tour attractions: the viewpoint of the canyon of the Cetina River and Ivan Meštrović’s statue of Mila Gojsalić, centuries-old stone churches, the Museum of Poljica, a sampling of a centuries-old local dish When:  5.30 p.m.
Buy Generic Valium Online Duration:  Approximately 3 hours Price for a minimum of 4 people: 450 KN/ 60 EUR per person
*Price is based on a minimum of 4 people. Price for less than 4 people is 1.800 KN/ 240 EUR in total. What’s included?
Vehicle transport from Omis, local tourist guide, sampling of soparnik, a glass of wine, visit of the church built high up on the hill at 353 meters above sea level, Museum of Poljica, viewpoint and statue of Mila Gojsalić

see PLEASE NOTE: All tours are in the English language. The departure time can be adjusted to your needs.
Please contact us for more prices and booking at least one day before.

Buy Cheap Xanax Bars The type of vehicle transport depends on the number of passengers and can be a passenger van, a mini bus or a bus. Photo: Kung Fu Visual/ Samir Kurtagić

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