INSGHT INTO THE WISDOM OF THE MEDITERRANEAN DIET OMIŠ FOOD & WINE TOUR: Let’s discover the secret of one of the healthiest diets in the world on the walking tour across the Omiš. Let’s find out why it is beneficial for health, what the locals eat and how to apply the Mediterranean diet in everyday life

watch Considering diet basically means a lifestyle, the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest today. The abundant foods have a beneficial effect on the body and the method of preparation and consumption on the soul. It consists of plant-based foods, fish and meat, olive oil and red wine, which are used fresh every day. In Dalmatia, people still prefer buying groceries at markets, from local small producers and fishermen, rather than in large shopping centres.

Buy Zolpidem Online Uk Like Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and Morocco, Dalmatian cuisine combines gastronomic, cultural and natural heritage included in the UNESCO list as part of the Mediterranean diet. Omiš gastronomy also combines food from the sea, river and surrounding hills.

Cheap Ambien Canada While walking around the town, we’ll learn through stories how the people of Omiš used to eat, and during a visit to the Omiš fresh food market how they eat today. I will be happy to share the answers to questions such as which foods are traditionally used in Dalmatia and in which season, why are they healthy ad how to cook them.

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What is included?
  • sightseeing on a walking tour of the historical town centre
  • education about the nutritional value of basic traditional foods
  • an example of a one-day Dalmatian menu with recipes
  • food and wine tasting
  • storytelling interpreter IS OMIŠ  FOOD WALK FOR YOU?
The Omiš Gastro Walk is an educational experience and an opportunity to learn why the Mediterranean diet is healthy, what foods it contains and how to apply it in everyday life. follow url Where: Omiš
Buy Zolpidem Online Australia Attractions: historical and gastronomic stories, the old town, urban flora, an insight into the nutritional composition of foods, markets and bakeries When: 10.00 or as we agree Duration: Approximately 3 hours
go here Price: 99 € (745,92 HRK) per person

For more experiences you can also include in a walk:

follow url Cooking classes in Omiš (Dalmatian meal) and Gata (soparnik dish)


follow link Every bite, we take is an opportunity to take care of our health and well-being. So, let’s make healthier choices and inspire others to do the same. Let’s preserve and respect traditional food preparation and local seasonal ingredients. Let’s enjoy food that not only tastes good but also makes us feel good inside and out!

Buying Ambien In Mexico PHOTO: Samir Kurtagić, Disobey Art